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Welcome to JobXUSA, your source for USA H1b visa sponsoring employer information!  JobXUSA is the sole source for individuals’ cap and cap exempt sponsoring employer searches. We have listed on this website 10 carefully collected and collated H1b visa sponsoring employer list(s) sources that includes their contact information to help you get a visa sponsoring job, source new jobs, make new contacts, advertise your business services, or simply see what kind of businesses are available in your area, or around the country.

Select your H1b category, Cap or Cap Exempt.

Then, select your job category from the List(s) on the page.

Select how many leads you would like from that category, pay for your selections and within 48 to 72 hours, we will deliver your custom cap or cap exempt H1b visa sponsoring employer FROM THE LIST(S)(s) of your choosing to your email address!

Each verified visa sponsoring employer that you select from a List(s) costs $1, $5 minimum order. Order multiple leads, and save! (Up to 33% off)

Study the visa sponsoring employer List(s)s on this URL. If you are not impressed that the information will help you, do not order a visa sponsoring employer. All sales are final and List(s) cannot be returned if you change your mind.

Again, the way it works, is simple:

  1. Select your H1b category, Cap or Cap Exempt. 

  2. Then, select your H1b visa sponsoring employer(s) from the List(s) on the cap or cap exempt page.  

  3. After you pay for your H1b visa sponsoring employer(s) from the List(s)s, they will be Emailed to you within 48 to 72 hours of purchase. Save at least 2 copies of the H1b visa sponsoring employer(s) from the List(s)s; one (1) to an external media like a USB Memory or CD-ROM. Safe guard your List(s)s.

  4. To find the sponsoring employer, that you’ve selected, available jobs open sponsoring employer’s website and go to career page.

Please READ the home page for instructions on how to SELECT and ORDER your sponsoring employers from the lists. ALL lists contain sponsoring employers that likely employ your profession. Pick the list of sponsoring employers that employ your type of job, your profession. Pick sponsoring employers that are located where you want to live.