Cap Exempt H1B Sponsoring Laboratories Employers’ Lists


Cap Exempt H1B Sponsoring Laboratories Employers List.



Cap Exempt H1B Sponsoring Laboratories Employers List.

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TGen ,Phoenix,AZ,
California Institute for Biomedical Research ,La Jolla,CA,
California Institute of Technology ,Pasadena,CA,
Salk Institute for Biological Studies ,La Jolla,CA,
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory ,Menlo Park,CA,
SRI International ,Menlo Park,CA,
The Scripps Research Institute ,La Jolla,CA,
Sandia National Laboratories,"Livermore, ",CA ,
RAND Corporation ,Santa Monica,California,
NCAR & UCAR Science ,Boulder,CO,
United Technologies ,Farmington,CT,
American Institutes For Research ,NW Washington,D.C.,
The Brookings Institution ,NW Washington,DC,
Argonne National Laboratory ,Lemont,IL,
PAREXEL International ,Waltham,MA,
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. ,Boston,MA,
Waters Corporation ,Milford,MA,
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research ,Cambridge,MA,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ,Woods Hole,MA,
National Institutes of Health ,Bethesda,Maryland,
Med Immune ,Gaithersburg,MD,
The EMMES Corporation ,Rockville,MD,
Stryker ,Kalamazoo,MI,
Sandia National Laboratories,"Albuquerque,",NM,
Brookhaven National Laboratory ,Upton,NY,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory ,Cold Spring Harbor,NY,
Pratt Institute ,Brooklyn,NY,
Mettler-Toledo Inc. ,Columbus,OH,
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation ,Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,
Fox Chase Cancer Center ,Philadelphia,PA,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory ,Oak Ridge,TN,
ORAU ,MS-32 Oak Ridge,TN,
Texas Biomedical Research Institute ,San Antonio,TX,
UNT System ,Dallas,TX,
Resource Systems Group ,White River Junction,VT,
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ,Seattle,WA,


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